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Week 6...the last week of the taster

I've shared the final week of my LouiseParkerBody programme today and I hope that everyone who has subscribed has enjoyed it and achieved lovely results - please do let me know how you got on @figuremagician. If you missed subscribing when the programme started in May, please do not worry as for a limited period we will continue to share all of the weekly guides. Simply subscribe here and you will receive all the guides.

The programme was intended to provide a glimpse into the programmes we run and the way we approach supporting our clients. Most importantly, I hope you felt the importance we place on your lifestyle and having the right mindset to allow the science of the programme to succeed. I

f you are interested in finding out more about our programmes, please do contact the lovely team in the office and they will be delighted to help.

I am also going to running a 'Learn the Method' event later on this year and if you are interested in receiving the sign up information, please do register your interest with events@louiseparker.uk.com to make sure you receive all the details.

Thank you and I hope you are now all set for the summer!



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