Thursday 3rd, July, 2014
Simple, thoughtful, effective.
5 simple rules you can never go wrong with.’s-top-fitness-tips#.U7W5myi5Lao   And the big trick to see benefits you'll love from them is consistency. Consistency beats severity every time.    Read more
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Tuesday 10th, June, 2014
The new Roman Gladiators?

I think 2014 will go down for me as the summer of scaffold. Everywhere I turn at the moment I seem to be surrounded by the stuff. I can’t say I’ve ever been one to admire it but this summer it’s different.

It’s not so much the scaffold itself, more it’s the guys who do it (I’m all for women being able to do any job but I’ve never seen a female scaffolder). If there is more a physically demanding job out there then I can assume they have brought back Roman gladiators. If you can get away with it, check out the physique of the men who do this. It’s amazing. 

It goes without saying that they are strong. And I mean seriously strong. But if you look at them you rarely see a bulky scaffolder. They tend to be lean and ripped which given they also tend to live off sausage rolls and white...

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Monday 19th, May, 2014
Assembly Time

So summer is officially here. Two key indicators; the football season is over and the sun is shining. And as is customary, with the first hint of heat, the BBQ is de-rusted and the burners cranked up. Invite some friends over and you have a perfect combination for a long, lazy afternoon (ignoring the regular distractions from crying children of course).

And a group BBQ is a great reminder of the different ways we all eat, something I’m acutely aware of at the moment (more on that later). The ‘cooks ‘in our ranks will create (with varying degrees of effortlessness) home made kebabs, 24-hour marinated chicken thighs and my favourite, taboulleh. The ‘assemblers’, will bring bags of salad, some feta, and maybe a chorizo or hallomi to slice and grill. Finally, the ‘buyers’ pitch up with...

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Monday 16th, December, 2013
FM90 - Tip 12 - The Three Days of Christmas – Skinny Meals and Toblerone

This is my last blog post for a little while, as we close up on #FM90 and head towards Christmas.  I really hope that you’ve found it motivating and that it’s given you some good guidance on how to balance your lifestyle towards a body that you deserve.

I am passionate about showing people that there is a way to have your cake and eat it – you truly can have an astounding body, and enjoy life, wine and food to the full.  You just need to learn the Balance Rule.

It goes without saying, that if you write off a whole week because you have a celebration or two, you’re body is going to plump up.  If too drop all your good habits and consume energy that you just don’t need, you’ll store it as fat and you’ll have to work quite hard to get it off again.  As a general rule, what I see is that...

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Monday 9th, December, 2013
FM90 Tip 11- Become your own expert

We’re coming to the end of #FM90 and with just two weeks to go of your lifestyle overhaul, I really hope that you’ve learned heaps about how to manipulate and monitor your body.  I believe that any body can be transformed beyond belief, in a matter of weeks, assuming you know the Rules, understand them and monitor them closely.  Transformations do not happen by accident and so it’s absolutely essential that you play very close attention to both getting your body fat levels down, and then keeping them down, until it becomes just a part of you.  With my method, assuming you follow the Rules, you will get to the point where the Rules become Habits and once these principles are a part of you, they will be something that you have to keep an eye on, but not think about too much.  This, in my...

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