Monday 16th, December, 2013
FM90 - Tip 12 - The Three Days of Christmas – Skinny Meals and Toblerone

This is my last blog post for a little while, as we close up on #FM90 and head towards Christmas.  I really hope that you’ve found it motivating and that it’s given you some good guidance on how to balance your lifestyle towards a body that you deserve.

I am passionate about showing people that there is a way to have your cake and eat it – you truly can have an astounding body, and enjoy life, wine and food to the full.  You just need to learn the Balance Rule.

It goes without saying, that if you write off a whole week because you have a celebration or two, you’re body is going to plump up.  If too drop all your good habits and consume energy that you just don’t need, you’ll store it as fat and you’ll have to work quite hard to get it off again.  As a general rule, what I see is that...

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Monday 9th, December, 2013
FM90 Tip 11- Become your own expert

We’re coming to the end of #FM90 and with just two weeks to go of your lifestyle overhaul, I really hope that you’ve learned heaps about how to manipulate and monitor your body.  I believe that any body can be transformed beyond belief, in a matter of weeks, assuming you know the Rules, understand them and monitor them closely.  Transformations do not happen by accident and so it’s absolutely essential that you play very close attention to both getting your body fat levels down, and then keeping them down, until it becomes just a part of you.  With my method, assuming you follow the Rules, you will get to the point where the Rules become Habits and once these principles are a part of you, they will be something that you have to keep an eye on, but not think about too much.  This, in my...

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Sunday 1st, December, 2013
FM90 - Tip 10 - Tone your body and your thoughts

I’m introducing your toning work ten weeks into FM90, not because it’s an after thought or less important, but because I really wanted you to set the foundation of really solid eating habits, lifestyle patterns and cardio practice before we add any more real demands on your time.

With Louise Parker programmes, resistance work forms about 70% of all personal training sessions, of which most of our clients have 3 – 4 sessions per week, lasting 90 minutes.  That’s a lot of toning work and my team ensure that the form is perfect every time. With my method, we use a series of over 100 moves and work every muscle in your body.

I personally really love using DVD’s at home – they just work for me.  I obviously know what I’m doing (well, you’d certainly hope so, wouldn’t you?) and so it’s...

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Sunday 24th, November, 2013
FM90 - Tip 9 - Fine Tune to Perfection

Thank you to so many of you who’ve sent in emails or direct messages on Twitter to fill me in on your progress.  The results are amazing and whilst I do this all the time, they continue to excite me.  Every single week in the Clinic I sit down with my Dieticians and we review every single client’s results.  We rarely mention their overall weight and the markers we gauge success by are: reduction in pure body fat, increase in muscle tone, increase in BMR and the right mindset.  I’m more reassured with a balance of all these points across the board.  It’s not all about the weight loss.  What we are looking for is a good steady fat loss as muscle tone and metabolism improves, and most importantly a mental attitude that is toning up week on week – as it’s the mind that will keep you fit...

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Monday 18th, November, 2013
#FM90 Tip 8 - Practice Endurance

We’ve five weeks to go until Christmas and there’s honestly so much you can achieve in that time.  Whilst #FM90 is all about developing lifestyle habits that outline a thousand trends, I know that you want results.  And results you will have – but you have to really practice all of the #FM90 Tips, day in day out. If you get your head down, and practice endurance, you still have time to drop a dress size.

Achieving an amazing body is all about ENDURANCE.  All of our programmes at Louise Parker are about finding a manageable pace, and sticking at it.  You have to be consistent and stick at it.  When you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you very quickly arrive at your goal. Once you’re at your goal, we can jog a bit, walk a bit, jog a bit.  But for now, I just need you to...

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Monday 11th, November, 2013
#FM90 Tip 7 - Supplementing Your Weightloss

I hope that you’ve had an amazing sixth week on #FM90, and that you’ve really caught up on sleep, and turned up the notch on your cardio.  Don’t forget that the whole purpose of #FM90 is to introduce one of my principles at a time, each week, but that you must maintain each new principle throughout the whole programme. 

Don’t go ditching one for another each week – you have to practice each principle, really consistently to get an amazing result.

Assuming that you really are following them all, and that you’re practicing them at least 95% of the time (no one is really perfect, but remember that we need to aim for 100% consistency as we’re not interested in blah results here) you really should have some incredible results already. 

Having completed six weeks of a modified version of...

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Monday 4th, November, 2013
#FM90 Tip 6 - Increasing your ‘Clever Cardio’ and ‘Catch up on Sleep’

Right, we are doing brilliantly!  It’s week 6 already and we’re practically half way there!  FigureMagic90 is a 12-week programme, where each week we incorporate one of my methods, until you are following them all by the 12th week and you will have achieved the most wonderful lifestyle change and an impressive result.  Most of you will have lose all the weight you have to lose by then, and in the New Year can move gently into maintenance.

The idea is that it’s a bit more of a gradual approach than #FM14 which was a real hit (30,000 of you followed every day) but I hope it provides fans of #FM14 an approach that looks towards the future.

This is not a diet, or a programme that comes to a screeching halt at Christmas – none of the programmes at Louise Parker are.  I suspect the reason...

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Tuesday 29th, October, 2013
#FM90 Tip 5 - Lunch Like Louise and Hip Hip Hooray!

Please may I start this week’s entry with a little ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ with a little dose of showing off?  I realised last night that this Monday was the 12th week of my double Intensive Programme, which I blogged about for the first 6 weeks following the birth of my darling little Chloe mid June. 

What I love, perhaps even more than the result, is that the end date just crept up on me, no big countdowns, no big “when I’m done I’m going to eat this, drink that”.  My very personal experience with Louise Parker Programmes are that they change your habits, the way you think, the way you do things – the habits become part of you.  So much so, that you shouldn’t even think of an end date.  So whilst my 12-week programme officially ended last night, my habits are exactly the same today as they...

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Monday 21st, October, 2013
#FM90 Tip 4 - Fine tune your breakfast

This is now the fourth week of #FM90 and I hope that you are feeling amazing.  The wonderful thing about #FM90 is that it really does allow you to integrate one really healthy and skinny habit, one week at a time – get used to it, practice it alongside the others that you’ve previously integrated, before another one gets slotted in.  It means that you don’t have to do the overhaul all at once.  Whilst my company’s programmes are all about the lifestyle overhauls happening at the same time, they are cocooned in a bubble of support – with contact from the entire team at many points throughout the week and so this happens with ease for them.  When you’re self supporting, it’s easier and more realistic to have a graduated approach such as #FM90.

I’ve had so many wonderful emails from you...

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Monday 14th, October, 2013
#FM90 Tip3 - Reduce alcohol to once per week

Congratulations on completing the first two weeks of FM90.  You are well on the way to sculpting your body slim, just in time for Christmas.  How lovely to arrive at Christmas this year not feeling like a pudding and not having to jump on the New Year, New You diet bandwagon.  By following my weekly tips, you will have eased yourself into a new lifestyle and there will be absolutely no need for you to ever diet again.

This week, we are going to make sure that you drink alcohol no more than once per week.  Its such a simple little rule, but possibly one of the most integral to a skinny you, which is why it features in the early weeks of the plan.

It really won’t be news to you that alcohol sabotages any fat loss plan.  When we are trying to reduce the amount of empty sugars in your...

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Monday 7th, October, 2013
#FM90 TIP2 - Complex Carbs

Congratulations on completing week one of #FM90.

You’ll have completed at least 4 pre-breakfast cardio sessions and this really will be beginning to make a massive difference to both your fitness and your figure.  It won't be long before you see the benefit of this fat burning work, so stick with it.

We’ve only 11 weeks to go until Christmas – so keep visualizing your goal and stick with it.  It’s not easy to transform your body, but it’s really not complicated either.  I will do all the thinking for you – and as long as you continue to follow all of my simple strategies for success, you cannot go wrong.

The idea is that we phase in a new change and improvement to your lifestyle week by week.  As you’ll have a week to adjust to each new principle, it really should feel very...

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Tuesday 1st, October, 2013
#FM90 Tip1 - Clever Cardio

This #FMTIP is super simple and something that I still do today.  I’ve been doing this for years and we incorporate it into many of our programmes.  Infact, I’m coaching an actor on my Exclusive Programme at the moment, and this is one way that we tap into as much body fat as possible to get ‘action hero’ lean.  He does 2-hour daily sessions on top (but he needs to look like an athlete in 12 weeks), but the fact that I STILL want him to do my ‘clever cardio’ before breakfast, shows how important it is.

All you do is this.  When you wake up, have a cup of tea or coffee with a little milk.  Avoid having breakfast before you do your cardio, as what I want to do is dip into as much of stored fat reserves as possible.  Your body preserves energy in the form of glycogen in your muscles and...

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Monday 30th, September, 2013
Welcome to FigureMagic90

We’ve 12 weeks until the 23rd of December and there really is so much that you can do between now and then, to make a really positive impact on your health, how you feel and of course your body shape.

There’s so much that I want to achieve too.  I’m nearly half way through my second round of The Intensive Programme (total of 10 weeks in, each lasting 6 weeks) and I have now gone from 9 stone 5, 6 weeks after Chloe’s birth, to 8 stone today.  I’ve more weight to lose to get back to my 7 stone 10 pre pregnancy weight and then I need to continue to tone, sculpt, tone, until we leave for Mexico in 10 weeks.  Hopefully I won’t be arrested by the bikini patrol.

If you’re serious about investing time in results then you may want to embark on The Intensive or The Optimum Weight Loss...

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Saturday 21st, September, 2013
Is it really magic?

A journalist called me this week to ask me if I was really magic.  I don’t mind bending the truth a little when we’re talking about the tooth fairy or how eating broccoli makes your hair grow long, but I can’t lie about what we do.

And then I had dozens and dozens of emails from some of the followers of my FigureMagic14 programme, which was a complimentary little taster, featured on my blog and received 30,000 hits per day for three weeks.  What they wanted to know was this – what is the one aspect of my method that they should continue doing?  Out of all of it – what’s the most important one thing?

Is it the training and is it essential they always follow my particular method?  Is the timing that I harp on about really crucial?  How important is the diet, if I train everyday?  And...

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Friday 20th, September, 2013
Coming Soon - The 12 Weeks of Christmas

Following on from the success of the ‘Figuremagic14’ programme  which gained a bit of cult following – with over 30,000 visitors a day from all over the world taking part – I will shortly be launching another complementary programme to have you looking your very best, just in time for Christmas!

Each week in the lead up to Christmas, I will reveal one of my highly effective secrets of success. Simply follow each weeks’ exercise, diet and lifestyle tips until you reach Christmas at which point you will have incorporated all 12 tips into your lifestyle. By introducing each pointer, one week at a time, I ensure that you ease into the most wonderful routine that you continue to do through into the New Year. The plan will be easy to follow, and as if by magic, the results will astound you!...

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Wednesday 11th, September, 2013
All about the clothes

This Sunday was my last day on the first round of The Intensive – so I am just delighted to see the finish line in sight.  So brutally did the darling little Chloe rip my bikini body apart (less her fault actually, more the fact that Colbert opened round the corner from my office – the best almond croissants in town.  Was hoping that their £4.20 price tag would put me off (sadly not) that I am about to embark on another. 

I did one 6-week Intensive after Sophie, two 6-week Intensives after Emily and Chloe will take the same.  To be honest, I am hardly counting down the days, as it’s no real hardship for me and I enjoy it, but I do want the result sooner rather than later.  I’d be lying if I said I was motivated by my VO2 max – it’s all about the clothes.

I spent a couple of hours on...

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Tuesday 10th, September, 2013
Time for a change?

I’m having a great week, I really am.  I’m super excited about everything at the moment.  We’ve got such a great little project on at work, which I am loving, I cannot wait to get back to the office for a couple of days a week next week and see my girls and all my clients, and we’ve just booked ten days in Mexico for December.  Just perfect. 

It’s pretty daunting having to tell people on holiday what we do – always a bit awkward if you’re walking around in effectively water proof underwear and your bits are wobbling so I’ve taken my training up a notch.  Same amount of time – because there is no more of that – but the intensity has just been turned up a little. 

It’s hard to get across what I really do as I’ve such an individual style to my training, but I’m working all my muscles...

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Monday 9th, September, 2013
FigureMagic14 is Over!

Figuremagician14 is over!  I really hope that those of you who have followed it have found it useful and that you’re thrilled with your result.  Don’t forget that it’s just a little taster of what we do and how we work – a kick start to inspire you to clean up your diet and get moving everyday.  Do keep it up. 

If you’ve just started the programme or only half way through – please bear in mind that I will be removing #FM14 from the blog this Saturday so squander what information you need now as on Sunday it will be gone – as if by magic. 

I’ve had some really amazing emails from all over the world and I have been touched reading them.  There’s a couple I’d love to share with you, but I just need to get permission and then I’ll post them up in a day or so for you to see.

Please keep...

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Sunday 1st, September, 2013

It’s a disturbed night and we wake up with five Parker’s in the bed.  We bust a gut to live where we do and we may as well sell up and move to a one bed flat given no-one wants their own bed.  You can imagine my frustration when holiday companies explain their ‘Luxury Family Villa’ triple rate policy when we co-sleep like a bunch of Neanderthals.

I accidently grab the wrong pair of jeans today and to my surprise they nearly fit.  Like all mothers, I have a few jeans in about seven sizes – just pregnant, quite pregnant, pregnant, very post natal, little chubby, trim and Skinny (okay, two dozen in Skinny) which I don’t find excessive but still baffles Paul after nearly a decade of marriage (When I met him he owned two pairs of shoes – you get the picture).  I’m thrilled they nearly fit...

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Saturday 31st, August, 2013

Chloe’s up with the sparrows with a slight eye infection and I suddenly remember ‘Bottlegate’.  The night before last I was half asleep at her 3am feed, one eye on what I was doing, the other on The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (don’t judge me – it doesn’t count at 3am) and I couldn’t understand why in the dark she wasn’t latching on to her bottle – so I keep pushing and thrusting and then realise said target isn’t in fact her mouth but her eye.  A quick move to the left and down a bit and she is guzzling away.  I feel absolutely awful and hope I’m not taking her to Specsavers in a year.  So I confess – please don’t call Social Services.

With no guests this weekend, nothing of interest on and a throbbing Things To Do list, we decide it’s a weekend of productivity.  Paul offers to...

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Friday 30th, August, 2013
Just another manic Friday

Fridays are always frantic as I try to squeeze in as much as needs to be done, sans the girls, before my nanny leaves at 3pm.  Today is no different and the Daily Mail call at 11am to say they want lots of content on #FM14 by 3pm, so that they can feature it again this coming Monday.  So my workout is postponed as I spend the next few hours putting together recipes and the workout plans.  I just get it done in time despite constant interruptions and questions about life from Milly such as “Why do boys have willies?”

I do the #FM14 workout today which is a nasty but highly effective 20 minute interval session, followed by 10 minutes at a steady pace.  I was going to do it on the treadmill but have cabin fever and head outdoors instead.  It’s a little less precise as I guess the...

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Thursday 29th, August, 2013
Lean Weeks and Lenient Weekends

It’s been a crazy busy day.  Our coverage in the Daily Mail on Monday has meant that the office is snowed under and I’m keeping up with writing the content for #Figuremagic14 which has been super time consuming.  I’ve had hundreds of emails from people all around the world – so have been trying to make time to read most of them and reply to a handful. I’ve followers of the plan in just about every continent and from all walks of life.  There are a few that stick in my mind who’ve written to thank me as it’s come at such a opportune time for them – a widow from Boston who’s taken a year off and is doing #FM14 in the Cape Verde Islands, a group of chefs working on a super-yacht in the Caymen Islands, three university girls in New Zealand who gained the usual fresher fifteen, a wonderful...

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Tuesday 27th, August, 2013
Month 1 done

I’d totally forgotten to do my weekly weigh in yesterday, with it being bank holiday it felt like a Sunday.  I will keep repeating this as some of you won’t have heard me say this before – but please be aware that the bathroom scales really are just a rough guide to the direction you are going in.  Whilst I am doing a good amount of toning work, I hope to be maintaining and adding a little muscle mass, but it wont be hugely significant due to the sculpting rather than building nature of my workouts.  To get a true idea of how much body fat you’re losing against how much muscle mass you are gaining, you need to use a medical grade body composition monitor.  These cost thousands so most people won’t have access to them, but my point is bear in mind that the scales only monitor your...

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Monday 26th, August, 2013
Just don't stop

I’m working away at 11am when a client emails to say that #Figuremagic14 is on the Daily Mail website and from then on, I’m answering questions from followers on Twitter as Paul deals with hundreds of enquiries for our Optimum Weight Loss Programme from all over the world, and The Intensive for those closer to home.  The response is just incredible with thousands of hits on our website and people reading the blog.  I never really thought anyone other than mum and Paul would read it, so it comes as a lovely surprise. 

There are some ridiculous comments too – I’m too thin, too fat, too air brushed, and even a comment from a lady saying I must be infertile as I’m so thin.  Little does she know I’m a stone overweight and holding my two-month old baby.  Big breath and I focus on the...

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Friday 23rd, August, 2013

It’s raining sideways – the sort of rain you know is here to stay.  We decide to embrace it and have a cosy day at home. 

I head to the office to do a good treadmill session.  I still feel too heavy to run – it’s amazing how debilitating an extra stone on my frame feels to me – but I can really get my heart rate up with walking alone.  I ramp the speed up as high as I can and do intervals of really good inclines.  Using the incline is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up and practice HIIT training, if you don’t like the impact of running – but you must really push on the inclines.  I take long strides to really work my derrierre, and Lord knows it needs it.

Today I do a total of 40 minutes on the treadmill, but jump off every ten minutes to do the following routine:

  • 30 Plie...
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Thursday 22nd, August, 2013
Holding the baby

One of those days today where you feel totally shattered by the end of it, but in a really good way.  It started off relatively relaxed, sitting outside in the sun chatting to my cousin – the last of our summer guests, before she headed home.  I’m enjoying my coffee and all dressed for my outdoor session when Paul comes over from the office to day that I have 5 hours to reach a deadline for a newspaper that want to feature something on us.  So everything goes on hold and I lock myself away to write! 

The Mail Online hear about the figuremagic14 plan that we’re featuring and want the whole plan ready to feature so it’s a super busy day.  My nanny goes back up to London on a Friday so Paul and I are literally left holding the baby, trying to amuse Sophie and Milly, and juggling a crazy...

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Wednesday 21st, August, 2013
School can't come soon enough

Up with the sparrows and out to do my cardio before breakfast.  Time is really short over the next couple of days as we have more guests and a bulging workload.  I really have very little time to train today, so it’s about working out what needs work and the quickest way to blitz it.

Given I’ve about 40 minutes max, I decide to do cardio as my focus is on fat burning, getting some fresh air, and I’ve done some good toning work this week.  The style of toning that we do is in itself fat burning, given the high repetition nature and the fact that most circuits are sandwiched between exercises that really elevate the heart rate.  But today will be a good HIIT session to get my heart rate really high, and keep it that way for some hours after the workout.

The ‘after-burn’ of a HIIT...

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Wednesday 21st, August, 2013
Early starts

Today is like something out of a chic flick where the working mum juggles endless tasks and starts the day at 4am just to fit it all in.  Minus the part where she ends up in the Priory, but then the days not over quite yet.  Chloe was up at 4am and I actually felt guilty for not starting my day at 5am just to squeeze everything in.  Instead, the girls and I sit in bed and hang out until my 7am workout.  Then breakfast for a house full, a manic morning on the phone to the office, clients, trainers and a journalist, then lunch thrown at guests as I run out the door to a hair appointment, to which I bring my laptop.  Not ideal.  I am so tired I drive home with all the windows open to avoid falling asleep at the wheel, but at the time even that sounded blissful.  As of tomorrow, the focus...

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Wednesday 21st, August, 2013
Rock n Roll

This bank holiday weekend we’re staying at home – with the sole purpose of catching up on chores and work.  Never the most exciting weekend, but I look forward to a good level of smugness on Monday night when I’ve got up to date after the last couple of weeks.  Paul and I take it in turns to entertain the girls whilst the other works and works out.  Rock and Roll.  We stop at 6pm for a Sunday roast and then spend the evening together.  I’m up really early with Chloe, feed her, workout, and ready to get down to work by 9am.  Today I follow one of the #figuremagic14 cardio workouts, as I need to be really time efficient and I’m a little sore from yesterday’s circuit, which is no bad thing.  Here’s what I did today:

  • Brisk walk for 5 minutes to warm up
  • Jog up hill at moderate pace...
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Tuesday 20th, August, 2013
Break it down into phases

I weigh in again, and I’m down another pound – clearly Prosecco is the way forward.  I’m 8 stone 11.5 and so now down a total of 8 pounds since the start of my programme.  Everything is looser and I can feel my body coming back to shape.  I’ve a long way to go in terms of strength, tone and fitness, but the body fat is definitely dropping off nicely.  I should be back into my size 6 clothes in another 6 - 9 weeks or so, and maybe back into bikini shape in another 9 – 12.  The last 3 weeks have just flown by and as long as I break it down into little 3 week phases, it doesn’t feel like long at all.  It’s a small price to pay to be back in great shape by the time that Chloe is just 5 months old.  All I need now for Christmas is beach holiday!

It’s so quiet at home with all our guests...

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Monday 19th, August, 2013
Every cloud...

Johnny and the gang leave today and I’m absolutely dreading saying good-bye.  I hate this last day as we all hang around waiting.  I do a meal of leftovers and we all have a long lazy lunch outside.  About an hour before Paul drives them to the airport, I say my good-byes as I can’t bear waiting any longer.  It never gets easier.  As I cry saying goodbye to my little nephews, they both hug me and bravely swallow their tears.  I sneak off upstairs and out the window see little Liam hiding in the garden, wiping his snotty nose on his T-shirt – afraid anyone will see him crying.  It just breaks my heart. 

It’s either a valium and blueberry smoothie or a walk so it’s trainers on, very big sunglasses and I sniffle up and down the lanes. 

It’s a subdued evening at home, a light meal and an...

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Sunday 18th, August, 2013
Absolutely Worth It!

My brother and his family return to Zimbabwe tomorrow and I wake up with a bit of a ‘back to school’ feeling of dread.  We get together about once a year, and so good-bye’s are always hard and somehow harder now that we all have children and the cousins just love their extended summer trip playing together.

It’s our last day and so my brother hosts a BBQ at lunch and it’s much of the same – everyone drinking Pimms, kettle chips, BBQ, Eaton Mess. 

Just before I go over, I do a HIIT session on the treadmill and really push myself, jump in the shower and I’m done.  Quite often I’ll do a little cardio session before going to a party as you feel amazing and it keeps you on the straight and narrow food-wise if you’re on a programme.

Lunch is easy to handle with a BBQ and I have venison,...

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Saturday 17th, August, 2013
Sick of BBQ

We’ve friends joining us this evening so another meal to plan!  Sick of BBQ now, so I decide to cook a meal that I can easily follow on my plan.  There are just hundreds of recipes that I can chose from – it just takes a bit of thought and often when I cook a delicious and light meal for guests, they are really happy.  Add in a cocktail or two for the guests, and a pudding and no one really cares that the main meal is low carb – as long as it tastes amazing.

I make my tuna sesame steaks, served with an Asian coleslaw – which is literally a ten minute recipe and loved by all.  The trick is to just show the tuna the pan and not overcook it.

Sick of BBQ To make the tuna steaks, I brush both sides with a mix of groundnut and sesame oil, season with salt and pepper and then dip both sides...

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Friday 16th, August, 2013
Baby food

I wake up really early and get my workout in before 7am – with so much to do today, it’s the only way I can make sure that it doesn’t get bumped to the bottom of the list.

I do a grueling outdoor circuit in the garden, fuelled by a good stong coffee.  I’m a firm believer of a good coffee before a session if you need the energy – but do make sure it’s a good quality coffee, with no more than ¼ milk.  Latte’s are to be avoided at all cost if you’re trying to lose weight.  Milk, in those quantities, is for fattening up babies.  The only time I’ll generally have lattes are if I’m out and about and busy and need the milk as a mini-meal until I can get something decent to eat.

In my session I do three sets of toning exercises repeated twice, with a stint of HIIT cardio in between and...

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Wednesday 14th, August, 2013
I won't be a summer pudding!

I’m so tired tonight I have about a hundred words in me.  I cram so much into the morning window, as there is a lunch at noon at mum and dad’s.  I’d hoped to do a cardio and a toning session, but only manage to get a walk in – but it’s nearly 5 miles and I do it at a really good pace.  It’s literally up and down hills the whole way, so naturally a bit of an interval session.  I’m really fit enough to jog it but I have to take it really slowly in terms of progression due to my back injury – which is frustrating, as I know this will be slowing down my results.

The Food Plan is really good today and I find lunch at mum and dad’s surprisingly easy.  Mum is an amazing cook and share’s my love of food and cooking and there’s plenty to chose from that keeps me in the zone.  She pushed and...

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Tuesday 13th, August, 2013
Herb Heaven

I needed to get a good resistance session in today, given yesterday was a gentler cardio session – which I do really early and am done by 8am.  I’ve a busy morning on the phone to the office and we get some good work done.

Today’s session is a variation of the circuit that I outlined on Sunday – but I focus on different exercises for the same muscle groups and do a bit of extra remedial work.  I spend an extra 20 minutes doing a few bits that iron out some imbalances I have – some extra post natal core work, foam rolling my tight quads and IT band and some dull exercises for my upper back using a band.  It’s important I do all of this to prevent injury, but it is boring.

Food is all on track, and simple, with no big family meals to arrange today as we all do our own thing.  I...

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Monday 12th, August, 2013
Wim wams!

It’s results day as I weigh in on a Monday and I literally leap out of bed as I would on Christmas day as I’m dying to know this week’s result.  I can feel my body changing shape already, my muscle mass coming back and I just feel a slightly leaner version of myself a couple of weeks ago.  I still positively look blobby and post natal, but it’s moving in the direction towards my former self at least.  The reality is, this is my result.

I have to remind myself that my basic bathroom scales are giving me a literal weight – including how hydrated I am – and not an accurate body composition (which I can only do in the clinic).  Whilst my scale does give a reading on pounds of bodyfat and muscle mass, I know these machines to be really inaccurate – so I take it with a pinch of salt.


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Sunday 11th, August, 2013
Up the Intensity

Just as I'm about to leave the house at 7am, my nieces and nephews – who are staying very close by – rush in demanding pancakes – again.  Being unable to resist their sweet little pleas, I make myself late and don’t have time to do the outdoor 90 minute session I had planned and leave for an appointment in time.  So I condense my session into an hour and know that I need to really notch up the intensity.

I whack on some music and run over to our home office/gym and do a circuit.  I do tend to just make it up as I go along and as long as I take myself out of my comfort zone, I can tick it off as a good session.

Todays’ workout:

  • Warm up running up and down the stairs to the office
  • Treadmill – 3 minutes @ RPE 7/10 + 1 minute 9/10
  • 30 repetitions of an upper body move – bodyweight or...
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Saturday 10th, August, 2013
Not the day I planned

Chloe and I are awake at 3am and I don’t go back to sleep, so it’s a slower day than usual as a result.  I feel sore from my outdoor session yesterday – inner thighs from laps of sideways running!

It’s a really busy day at home with general nonsense and also looking after our houseful of guests.  Just as I spill children’s pancake mix all over the floor I receive a text from my brother and sister in law that they’re off for a romantic weekend in Paris.  I keep postponing my workout until later in the day as I’ve so much to get done, and eventually have time at 10pm.  Knowing that something is better than nothing, I do an express little core workout on my bedroom floor, before a hot Epsom salt bath, and falling into bed.  Diet is on track today but it’s been a pathetic training day –...

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Friday 9th, August, 2013
Inspired by clients

Today is one for the memory box – perfect on every level.  Chloe sleeps well with one little wake up and feed, Paul grabs her early and allows me a good lie in so I’m so sprightly I don’t feel I’m 8 weeks post natal at all.   I have a great meeting with my office team where we chat through this weeks client results – and there are literally dozens who are just flying.  This inspires me each Friday and it’s so good to hear when I’m doing my own programme – a constant reminder that I’m doing the right thing.  I bash out an article for a magazine and catch up on some work.  We have a laugh in the afternoon just hanging out at home with the extended family and early evening I get a really good training session in, before we re-group for an amazing BBQ.  I sneak off early and leave them to...

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Thursday 8th, August, 2013
All in the name of research

Chloe is beginning to sleep much more at night – either that or I’m so shattered that I’m not hearing her – but let’s assume she is – so I’m waking up feeling pretty good at the moment.  Two cups of tea and I’m ready to face the day.  By 8am I am tossing pancakes with my nieces and nephews, which they absolutely love and I remain on track as they smother them in Nutella.  It’s funny – once you’re in the zone, this sort of thing really doesn’t bother me at all – I can literally bake cupcakes with the girls and I’m not even tempted.  But it’s all to do with the frame of mind and zone you’re in.  I don’t even begin to feel sorry for myself as I know it’s a temporary situation and a pancake is just a pancake.  People are dying in Rwanda.

I get a really good training session in late...

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Wednesday 7th, August, 2013
Best Day of the Year

I’m up early and excited – and hungry haven not eaten properly yesterday, so I cook up a good breakfast for us all and we sit outside and enjoy the sun.  An hour later I head out for some cardio and have a really good, hour long session.  I start a little personal training session for myself, but half way through my brother arrives with his family – and so that’s the end of that.

This is the best day of the year – but an exhausting one, as we are all flooded with excitement and emotion having not seen one another for a year.  The cousins all play furiously and it’s just the most magic of days. 

We spend the whole afternoon chatting and laughing and it rolls into a long supper outside for twenty of us.  On the menu tonight is a BBQ and a variety of salads, so it’s super easy to stick...

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Tuesday 6th, August, 2013
Full on day

I have a brilliant day today – really productive.  Up and out early to do my workout, calls with the office, speak to a client in the Hamptons, finish off an article, cook a meal for 24 people for tomorrow night, take the girls for haircuts, whizz round Sainsbury’s and fall into bed at 9pm exhausted. 

My training sessions are getting a bit harder and I have that lovely tiredness that you only get from exercise and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I needed to be really concise on time this morning, so I do a metabolic workout – alternating high repetition strength moves with short sharp bursts of cardio.  In 40 minutes it’s done and dusted.  Here’s what I did, using the treadmill today at home.

  • 5 minutes steady state on the treadmill to warm up – RPE 7/10
  • Plie...
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Monday 5th, August, 2013
My last Intensive - time to dig in

Chloe sleeps through until 4am and I feel like I’ve won the jackpot.  Thank gawd as I’ve so much to do today – Monday’s are always a full on day as I try to get the week off to a really good start.

I’ve lost two pounds of bodyfat and added half a pound of muscle – so that’s a really fantastic result for the first week, and I’m thrilled that I resisted yesterdays bacon butty.  This shows as a 1.5 llb loss on the scale, and shows that straight scales are really not a good indicator of one’s progress – we have to look to composition.

However, as I have such Noddy scales at home, I will refer to my weight – as a very general guide.

Start weight - Monday 29 July – 9 stone 5

Monday 5 August - 9 stone 3.5

Hooray.  I’m feeling slightly dubious about today as I have no choice but to work...

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Sunday 4th, August, 2013
Small marginal gains

We all head off to the beach at Camber Sands at 8am and it’s just the most gorgeous day.  I was up half the night with Chloe and ended up with all three girls in my bed – so only feel half human.  The beach soon sweeps the cobwebs away – and Paul looks after the girls as I do a really long walk up and down the beach.  I’m spurred on by some really overweight women in bikinis, which only heighten my resolve.

By 11am I am starving and we’ve stayed out later than expected – so I’ve no snacks to hand.  To add insult to injury, we stop at a Farm Shop on the way home and Paul and the girls eat bacon butties.  I feed Chloe and console myself with two cappuccinos.

That afternoon I do a Tracy Anderson DVD for an hour, using really light weights of 3llbs.  It’s a good little workout when...

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Saturday 3rd, August, 2013
FInd your routine

I have loads to do today, everyone is at home, a press release to write and a meal to cook for 24 people next Wednesday, so I head out super early again to do my training.  On days like this, I just have to get it done early, or it will not happen.

I walk at 7am for about 90 minutes, up and down the lanes at a good speed.  It’s super hilly where we are in Sussex and it’s just glorious at that time.  There’s no one about apart from cows and chickens and the odd person on horseback.  Sometimes I just need a really long walk to plan a day ahead and clear out my thoughts – perfect start to the day.

I do a tough little circuit straight afterwards – just for about 20 minutes.  I alternate between upper and lower body to keep my heart rate elevated and fat burning up – and stick to 2kg...

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Thursday 1st, August, 2013
Green Soup

Feeling really good now that I am a few days in, and I always feel a bit smug when I’m in a good routine – and bizarrely the girls are too. 

I had some time today so made a couple of big batches of soup for the freezer, using my Vitamix.  My basic green soup is so full of veggies and a great option for when I can’t be bothered to cook and just want a super quick meal – to which I only need to add some lean protein.


Here’s how I make my Green Soup:

2 x leeks, sautéed in a little olive oil

Add a litre of really good chicken or vegetable stock – Knorr is fine if you don’t have homemade

Add one head of broccoli +

4 cups of frozen peas +

4 cups of frozen spinach +

1 tablespoon of green pesto + cook for 5 minutes.

Blend.  Portion into little bags for the freezer.


My back was...

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Wednesday 31st, July, 2013
Day Three - Another Day - tick!

All on track, although really tired today.  We always expect clients to feel a bit under par by about the third day as your body adjusts – topped to which I had about three hours sleep last night.

Meals are really basic and uninspiring today – everything done in a bit of a hurry.  I took the girls out for a picnic for their tea time and had to take a rather miserable looking chicken salad with me – but at least I’ve stuck to the plan.

The weather was amazing this morning so I did my cardio outside – spending about 30 minutes basically walking down a really long hill near home and jogging up – actually a tough little workout but it breezed by as I was outside and it was gorgeous.  At home I did a full body routine, taking about 40 minutes and working with really light 3llb...  Read more

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Tuesday 30th, July, 2013
Day two - finding my routine

I’ve woken up feeling bizarrely good, despite being woken at 1.30pm and 4am, and then starting my day at 5.45am.  I don’t rush the morning routine whilst the girls are off school and we have cups of tea in bed and discuss which newsreaders are wearing the prettiest clothes.  Such a girlie household, but it’s too early for current affairs.

Before my breakfast, I jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes, doing high intensity interval training.  It’s short and sharp and over in a heartbeat.

I do a super simple cardio interval today – one minute easy, one minute moderate, one minute hard and thirty seconds of all out effort and I simply repeat it until I’ve completed about 25 minutes, then reduce the intensity to moderate for the last 5 minutes.  I’m really not fit at all at the moment, so...

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Monday 29th, July, 2013
Day One

Day one.  Eek.  It’s all started very suddenly and I haven’t really mentally prepared myself, but I’m going to just crack on with it and not think about it too much.  I know that it’s crucial to get the first week under my belt and then I will be on a roll.  I’m still feeling uncomfortable from stopping feeding so today and tomorrow are about just establishing the food plan.

I eat so closely to The Intensive Food plan usually during the week, so it really isn’t that alien to me, and given I’ve been preaching it for two decades, I know what I am doing.

I have my dance on the bathroom scale for a long time!  We’ve such a snazzy body composition monitor in the Clinic, that I rarely rely on this thing at home that’s more often than not used for weighing baggage.  I am 9 stone 5, which...

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Saturday 27th, July, 2013
Everything feels so much easier – Chloe’s slotting into a nice easy routine, without having to think about it or go all Gina Ford.  I’ve suddenly got so much more time to do things as feeding takes half the time, and it feels quite liberating.  I’m thinking about starting my programme after the weekend, but am still undecided.  Just incase, we make sure we have a lovely meal at The Star, our local pub in Sussex.  It’s a perfect balmy summer evening – salad nicoise with fresh tuna, summer pudding and two glasses of fizz.  Read more
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Thursday 25th, July, 2013
Sleeping like a baby
It’s been a tough few days stopping breastfeeding – I’m so uncomfortable, riddled with guilt, hot and generally cross.  Chloe, on the other hand is delighted, and has started sleeping like a baby.  Read more
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Monday 22nd, July, 2013
Time to stop?
Paul’s in London now until Friday afternoon and I’m feeling starved of adult company, especially after so many weeks of guests to stay and Paul and I spending time in Sussex together.  It’s just me and the girls and Windy.  My pleasing personality is being tested.  Chloe is having difficulty settling and I’m convinced she’s hungry.  Frustrating as I have been resting, sleeping, eating, drinking – but I am going to have to introduce some bottles to her feeds.  Having fed Sophie and Milly for months myself, I am riddled with guilt and take days to admit that it’s time to stop breastfeeding.  Read more
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Tuesday 16th, July, 2013
Start Once

In my mind I thought that I would start easing into my programme this week, a month post natal but I really don’t feel up to it.  Milly’s arm is troubling her, work is quite busy and I just don’t feel ready.  We’ve more guests – yes, really – and I think I’ll get the next batch in and out and just enjoy it before really committing.  What I do know after all these years doing what I do, is that you want to start just once and commit.  The results of what you do are all about consistency and as long as I’m not going backwards, it can wait another week or two.  Paul thinks I’m mad to even think about it just yet, and I should just enjoy the balmy summer for a while and join him in a Pimms.  Paul’s staying at the flat in London and working really long hours to hold the fort whilst I am out...

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Sunday 14th, July, 2013
Brave Milly
Back at the hospital I gave birth in just a few weeks ago.  Damn – Milly has broken her arm and will be in plaster for 5 weeks, just as we’ve arranged for my brother to visit with his family from Zimbabwe.  Our house in Sussex is opposite my brothers so when they are both here, all 8 cousins run wild for two weeks and we have just the most wonderful time.  Poor Milly.  She has an operation and seeing her go under a general is just heart breaking, but she is so brave.  Paul spends the night with her in hospital as I have to be at home with Chloe and Sophie and we’ve some of our best friends staying from Dubai.    Read more
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Friday 12th, July, 2013
Lazy days and sunshine
It’s been a great few days.  Thank God for the sunshine and for Wimbledon and I’ve enjoyed taking afternoon naps with Chloe listening to the sophorific sound of the tennis.  Mornings are at home, making a few calls and getting things done and in the afternoon I’ve been leaving Chloe at home for a couple of hours with my nanny, Windy, and taking Sophie and Milly on an adventure.  We’ve done the park, beach, rope swing and zoos.  The best days are the ones in the garden, lying on a rug with Chloe in the shade and watching the girls play.  Read more
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Tuesday 9th, July, 2013
Zero sum game

Much more energy this week for no apparent reason, but I am grateful.  I can’t shift this nagging feeling that there is so much I should be doing – but Paul is constantly reminding me to relax and not worry – I’ve a three week old baby and there is nothing at all I need to do other than feed, bath, cuddle and sleep when I can.   We’ve six houseguests this weekend and I feel like I’m running a B and B – and constantly cooking and planning meals.  It’s hard work, but I’m just embracing it, as soon I’ll be on my programme and in a routine and slow down on guests.  The reality is that the business runs so fast and Paul and I are always so busy, that it’s really fab to see so many of our friends over this time.

I’m not really thinking much about diet and can’t start to reduce calories as I...

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Wednesday 3rd, July, 2013
Feed, feed, feed

The bone aching exhaustion has kicked in and I’m feeling less bubbly than last week.  I have no idea where all the time goes each day and I’m frustrated that I’m not in a very good routine.  Chloe feeds constantly and if I’m dressed by 11am, it’s a good day.  Afraid I will grow a beard and never leave the house again, I start doing some gentle walks.  I take the girls with me, so we don’t go far – but it gets me out of the house for an hour or so.  We’ve two more sets of guests this week – both old friends and we have such a lovely time – but planning meals and shopping seems to govern my week, when I used to be able to run a company!  Still, trying not to worry about not working at the moment.  Paul’s working his socks off and everything at the office is running smoothly, so I should...

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Thursday 27th, June, 2013
Who to feed at 3am?

Chloe is twelve days old and I’m feeling so well, that I feel guilty to be lolling around at home, doing nothing.  I start making lists and phoning into the office more than is welcome.  I know the team are shielding me from daily activities and I’m not invited on weekly team meetings.  I miss work more that I care to admit.  I feed Chloe as I write an article for a magazine, laptop carefully balanced on her tummy.  I keep telling myself that this is probably my last baby and I must make the most of this time away from the Company – it will all still be there when I return to the office in a few weeks.

I’m starting to eat more carefully, now that the guests have subsided a bit but at each 3am feed, the first thing I think about is what I can eat.  I’m so hungry all the time. I’m more...

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Tuesday 25th, June, 2013
Chloe has been home four days and we’re getting into the groove of things.  She’s tiny and delicate and exactly as I imagined she would be.  Paul’s parents, brother and wife visit and my parents pop round daily, with food parcels.  My cousins come to stay, my best friend and family and another week passes, punctuated by prosecco and parcels.  I love this bit and make the most of every day, the excitement soaking up the exhaustion.  Read more
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Monday 17th, June, 2013
Home Sweet Home
A few hours later I am home, the girls cooing over Chloe and I have the best bath of my life.  It’s just wonderful to be home and I’m feeling so happy that I could burst.  The next few days are a blur as guests come and go and we get back into the routine of nocturnal nights and day time sleeps.  We have guests to stay every few days and it’s wonderful to see everyone.  I feel surprisingly well and focus my attention on Sophie and Emily and making them feel special.  Milly has regressed a few years and has taken to wearing babygros, pulled tightly over her rounded belly.  No longer my baby, she is taking time to adjust.  I’m so happy to have three girls.  Read more
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Friday 14th, June, 2013
That Don't Impress Me Much
Within a couple of hours I am on the ward and Paul is sent home, Chloe by my side.  I cannot move as my legs don’t work but I lie awake all night looking at Chloe, waiting for a nurse to notice me so that I can ask for tea and more white toast.  Mum is in at 9am with a new camera, giving orders to the nurses and helping me get cleaned up.  I try to avoid the ward chit chat as I’m shattered and just want to get home.  That’s not before I’m introduced to baby Shania ‘after Shania Twain’ by a mother of five, who has four children in care.  Her partner is drinking a Stella and I feel depressed.  Read more
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Thursday 13th, June, 2013
Chloe and Plastic Toast

I’m meant to be going into the labour room at 9am and I’m awake at 5am, killing time on Twitter.  My labour has started and the nerves are kicking in.  I do an interview with a journalist over the phone about working mothers that multi task – oh the irony.  I am having mild contractions whilst on the phone to her – she better print the story!

This will be my third labour and I feel more anxious, in that I know what’s ahead and I just want it over.  When the midwife collects me five hours later than expected, she explains that they’ve just had a still birth.  And I am next.  The mood is solemn and I just feel so awful for the lady before me.  For hours I can’t stop thinking about her – and the staff are heavy with the weight of the morning.  My fears of the birth seem trivial and I go...

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Wednesday 12th, June, 2013
Too late for The Portland?
I’m in hospital in Sussex waiting to be induced.  Hanging around and killing time reading endless magazines, trying to ignore the onslaught ahead.  It’s a bit like waiting to have both your legs broken.  I try to sleep but can hear the moaning on the ward next to me.  I dream I’m at the Portland and wake up in my lemon NHS room.  Nothing has happened over night and they’re inducing me further this morning.  Paul brings Sophie and Milly in to see me after school and they’re fascinated by all the buttons and gadgets, but soon bore.  It’s lovely to see them and I feel bizarrely emotional saying goodbye.  Next time they see me they will have a little sister.  Read more
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Tuesday 11th, June, 2013
The Celebrity Secret

Celebrity clients will often do our ‘Exclusive Louise’ programme, where I oversee the design of their programmes in fine detail, whilst training with my elite team.  Personal training is unlimited and so I literally send in as much as I feel would benefit them – but generally these clients are under enormous pressure for results and so can do up to three hours of training per day. We basically do whatever it takes and it’s unusual in that the client usually has enormous incentive and somehow the time is created.

An Exclusive Louise programme tends to be longer and harder than any of our other programmes and with the nature of them, they tend to attract celebirites and athletes.  I’ve just finished one for an England footballer, a female TV personality and a male chat show host and...

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Monday 10th, June, 2013
In the beginning

I decided at four months pregnant, that once I’d had my third baby, I would enter into the world of blogging.  I’m constantly being asked by clients, friends, journalists, what it really is that our celebrities do in order to get their bodies back.

Over the many years that I’ve run Louise Parker, we’ve looked after dozens, perhaps hundreds of post natal mothers – wishing to jump start their exercise and eating programmes and to get their bodies back as quickly, yet as sensibly as possible.  Most are working women – juggling homes, husbands and careers – and by enlisting our support they understand that they’ll get the best return on their most important commodity – time.  Many are full time mothers – equally busy juggling London life and perhaps multiple children.  And a handful are...

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